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I need a swimming pool repair service in a nearby community. Can I count on your company for the job?

Of course! Since our company strives to please as many customers as possible, you can be sure that we are ready to help you no matter where in the metropolitan area you reside. The only thing you need to do is reach us today!

There are many companies that provide pool service in the Austin, TX area. What makes you the right choice for me?

At Pool-Aide Inc, we believe that there are three main factors that make us the right choice for you:

  • We have been in this business since 1980;

  • We have competitive pricing on our services;

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured;

So, be sure that we are professionals you can count on!

What should the temperature of my pool be?

The answer to this question is strongly individual. Typically, the range is between 78 and 82 degrees. However, some want to be in even hotter pools. You should Keep in mind that the energy consumption is higher for each degree.

How often should a pool be cleaned?

When it comes to outdoor pools, maintenance is a must! That is why it is recommended that you clean and maintain your pool at least once a week. Some even recommend doing it twice a week. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the regular maintenance is a guarantee for healthy water.

Can I make an appointment for a Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, you can! If you contact us in advance, and if our schedule isn’t full, we will make you an appointment for the most appropriate day for you. Therefore, whether you prefer to have your pool cleaned during the weekend or on Sundays, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Pool-Aide Inc for an appointment.

I think that I can clean the pool on my own. Why do I need a professional cleaner

The main reasons why you should use the services of an expert are:

  • A professional knows how to test the chlorine level properly;

  • A pool service provider will possess the proper equipment to brush the walls and will also use a pool vacuum to clean the floors;

  • It is guaranteed that the pool cleaner has the skills needed to do everything properly;

How much will the pool service cost me?

The price depends on the type of service you need. Keep in mind that we also have various plans for weekly maintenance. However, if you require a swimming pool repair of some kind, it will come at a higher price.

I want to hire your pool cleaning company for the regular maintenance of my pool. How should I contact you?

You should simply call us at (512) 472-5355. It’s that simple! Keep in mind that you can also reach us by writing us an email through the contact form. We will answer you as soon as possible. At Pool-Aide Inc, we are very glad that you have chosen us of all companies in Austin, TX. We will do our best to please you!

I have a question, but I couldn’t it on this FAQ page. What should I do?

As a reliable company, we will be more than glad to answer all your questions. Therefore, what you shouldn’t do is hesitate whether to reach us or not. You should feel free to call us any time!