How to Replace Damaged Swimming Pool Tiles

Information Offered by a Professional Swimming Pool Repair Service Provider

A swimming pool is the focal point of a backyard. However, only a pool owner would know how hard it is to keep an inground swimming pool in good condition. Regular maintenance and upkeep is the key to a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting pool. One of the most common problems pool owners have to face is cracked tiles. Although they are made to be durable and resistant, pool tiles do crack occasionally. It is of the utmost importance to hire a professional swimming pool repair service provider when this happens. Another option is to do the repair yourself.

461159583The first thing that you need to do is lower the water level below the damaged tiles. If you’re dealing with floor tile problems, then you may have to drain your entire pool. Make sure you allow the tiles to dry properly before you begin the repair.

Using a grout saw, remove the grout material around the cracked pool tile. The process is straightforward. Insert the tip of the saw into the grout and move the device back and forth until the grout material is removed.

Once the grout is removed, insert a chisel in the joint of the cracked tile and tap it with hammer. The tile should break into pieces and fall from the wall. If the mortar does not fall down with the tile, then make sure you use the chisel and hammer to remove the mortar from the pool wall.

Mix special pool repair mortar according to the instructions on the package. Be aware that not all types of pool repair mortar mixes are the same. It’s a good idea to consult a swimming pool repair specialist before you purchase concrete mix.

Apply mortar on the back of a new tile, and press the tile against the wall. Allow the mortar to dry for at least a couple of hours, and then fill the edges of the tile with grout compound.

If all this sounds a bit too complicated for you, then consider hiring a professional swimming pool repair service provider. Pool-Aide Inc offers quality and affordable services for all clients in Austin, TX. If you’re interested in our services, then call us at (512) 472-5355.