How to Determine If Your Pool Is Leaking

Signs That You Need Professional Swimming Pool Repair Services

The hot summer days are approaching, so you must make sure your swimming pool is ready for the season. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping a pool in good condition all season long. However, there are a few things that can be easily overlooked even during regular checks. Leaks, for instance, are some of the most common yet overlooked pool problems. Since water levels can fluctuate not only due to pool leaks but also due to evaporation, wind, and temperature conditions, it is quite difficult to determine whether your pool is leaking or not. However, if your pool is leaking, then you must call for swimming pool repair immediately.

Regardless of whether you call a pool professional or not, there are still a couple of things you can look for on your own to determine if your pool is indeed leaking.

  • 466422267Excessive cloudiness of your pool water or unusual algae growth. If the water level is inconsistent, then you may experience an imbalance of chemicals. This will soon lead to excessive algae growth and cloudy water.
  • Unsettlement in the ground surrounding the pool, cracks in the pool deck, and loose or broken tiles are also indicators of pool leaks. You must have a professional swimming pool repair service provider inspect your pool as soon as possible. Putting on hold important pool repairs can lead to more severe problems and more expensive repair services.
  • Uneven grass growth and standing water around the pool can also indicate pool leaks. If your pool’s plumbing is leaking, then water may immerse from the ground. This will cause soft spots in the ground around your pool. Your grass may also suffer from over-watering.
  • Unusual gargling sounds. If your pool is producing unusual sounds, then it may indicate a leak. Have a professional check it out.

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