In-Ground Fiberglass Pools

Why In-Ground Fiberglass Swimming Pools Require the Least Pools Maintenance

Anyone who has done some research on swimming pools may have noticed that in-ground fiberglass pools are well-known for their low maintenance benefits. You should know that pools maintenance is one of the biggest expense pool owners have to face regularly. So, finding a pool that requires little to no maintenance at all is definitely something that raise a lot of interest among potential pool owners. But, what is it that makes in-ground fiberglass pools have less maintenance? Let’s find out.

153501865A non-porous pool shell
When it comes to pools, the smoother the surface, the better. Unlike cement pools, fiberglass pools have a get coat surface that is non-porous. This means that algae simply cannot have a proper surface to hang on to and develop. As you well know, algae growth is one of the most common pool problems. If you manage to eliminate this issue, then you can eliminate half of your maintenance tasks from the start.

Concrete pools must be cleaned weekly in order to prevent algae growth. Because algae is tougher to kill when it’s embedded into the pool shell, concrete pools must use three times more chemicals than in-ground pools. With their non-porous surfaces, in-ground fiberglass pools eliminate the need for a frequent pool service. In other words, you can save a lot of money on pool maintenance if you choose a fiberglass pool.

A chemically inert pool shell
Another reason why in-ground fiberglass pools don’t require much maintenance is because the water in these pools does not react with the pool shell. Concrete pools, on the other hand, react with water due to the alkaline properties of concrete. Basically, you must be in a constant battle to keep the water’s pH balanced.

The bottom line is that in-ground fiberglass pools are a lot easier to maintain than concrete pools. However, in order to reap all these benefits, your pool must be installed by a professional pool service provider. If you reside in Austin, TX, then you should definitely contact Pool-Aide Inc. We offer high quality services at fair rates. Call us at (512) 472-5355 for more details.