The Local Pool Maintenance Contractor for You

There are many companies that provide pool cleaning in Austin, TX. However, if you need the assistance of experts that can take care of everything related to your pool, you should choose us. With our years of experience, it is indisputable that the pool cleaning service will be performed right the first time!

Allow us to present some of the swimming pools maintenance services that we can offer you:

  • 502022415Chemical balance – with the experts of Pool-Aide Inc, you can be sure that anything related to the chemicals of your pool will be taken proper care of. In addition, as a premier pool maintenance contractor, we will also take under consideration your and your family’s health when choosing the chemicals for your pool.
  • Water testing – in order to be sure that your pool is properly cleaned and maintained, we will test the water regularly and will keep you informed about its condition.
  • Weekly swimming pools maintenance service – whether there are leaves & branches or anything else in the water of your pool, you shouldn’t worry. Our company can provide you with regular pool cleaning in order to guarantee that the water is always crystal clean.
  • Leak checkup – if you think that your pool might have a leak, don’t hesitate to tell us. We will properly inspect your pool and will tell you whether there is a problem of any kind.

Even though we specialize in cleaning, we can also provide you with a proper pool repair service. So, if something in or near your pools needs the attention of a true expert, make sure to reach Pool-Aide Inc. We are the team of professionals in Austin, TX that will do it in a timely and professional manner.

If you need a premier pool maintenance contractor, reach us at: (512) 472-5355