How to Maintain Your Pool in Good Condition

Maintenance Tips That May Help You Avoid a Rather Expensive Swimming Pool Repair

If you’re the lucky owner of a swimming pool, then you probably know that there’s a lot of work involved in maintaining a pool in good shape. The secret is regular maintenance. The moment you stop taking care of your pool, problems will start to appear. As we all know, fixing swimming pool issues is quite expensive. So, if you want to avoid an expensive pool service, follow these guidelines.

  • The chemistry of the pool needs to be checked at least once per week in the winter and 2-3 times per week during the summer.
  • The pot in the pump must be cleaned from lint and hair every couple of weeks (or as often as needed).
  • The skimm86544084er basket must also be checked once a week.
  • The water level must be checked and adjusted (if necessary) at least once per month. Water level should be at the center of the skimmer.
  • The chlorine levels must be checked and adjusted every other week. Make sure the Inline Chlorinator floats properly and has enough chlorine tablets.
  • If you have an ozone unit, then check to make sure the light is on at all times. Be careful with this device because it’s quite fragile. If you’re not sure about what you have to do, then hire a professional pool service provider.
  • Add catalyst tabs according to the instruction of the package. Make sure you deposit the tabs in a cool and dry place, otherwise they may turn into solid blocks.
  • The filters must be cleaned every other month or after every heavy storm. The best way to clean filters is to soak them in a 10% solution of muriatic acid and rinse until clean. Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling acid. Also, add acid to water, not water to acid.
  • If you have a saltwater chlorine generator, then you need to inspect its blades every month. If the red flow meter is on, then your generator is not producing enough chlorine. This usually happens due to calcified blades.

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